Saturday, October 11, 2014

Driving from WI to CO: Day 1

Bayside, WI to Sioux Falls, SD

The adventure begins! West we go to start my next chapter in life and I'm so excited.

The first leg of long-distance driving is in the books. With the car packed to the gills and a last-minute tune-up,  we set out west towards our final destination of Granby, Colorado. After almost 8 hours, 3 states and nearly 500 miles later my dad (riding out to CO with me) and I reached South Dakota's biggest city of Sioux Falls just after 11pm. Cool, low-30 degree temperatures greeted us. Gas has been crazy cheap, $2.93 a gallon around here. Venturing down rural highways surrounded by endless dark cornfields, I noticed occasional distant, bright headlights of big tractors and farming equipment still kicking up clouds of dust as they finish working late on a chilly, fall October night. Highlight of the day? The 55ft tall statue of the Jolly Green Giant located in Blue Earth,  Minnesota.