Saturday, October 11, 2014

West to Colorado: bound for Sioux Falls

The first leg of long-distance driving is sealed in the books.

With my wagon packed to the gills and a last-minute tune-up, my dad and I plugged in the GPS to our eventual final destination of Granby, Colorado. After nearly 8 hours, three states, and 500 miles later, we reached South Dakota's biggest city, Sioux Falls just after 11pm. Chillier temperatures in the low 30s greeted us. Gas has been crazy cheap so far, with prices hovering at $2.93 per gallon around here. Venturing down rural highways surrounded by endless dark cornfields, I noticed the occasional distant bright headlights of big tractors and farming equipment still kicking up clouds of dust as they finish working this late fall October night. What was our highlight of the day? Stopping at a 55ft tall statue of the Jolly Green Giant located in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Random yes, but we had to and I'm glad we did. Apologies for the mediocre quality cell phone image.


On the iPod: "Move on Up (Extended Version)" by Curtis Mayfield