Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Driving from WI to CO: Day 3

Lusk, WY to Granby, CO

After driving through the dark night from South Dakota and eventually into Wyoming, we called it a night at motel in Lusk, WY. When we awoke the next morning, the motel manager informed us that storms with snow and heavy rain were approaching the area, Strong winds, dark skies and rain started to hit as soon as we got in the car after breakfast. A quick fill-up and we were on the road again into the vast open land that was Wyoming. Six hours of driving lay ahead until we arrived in Granby, CO. Driving through Wyoming was a treat as there were rolling hills covered by dark blue skies, tall bluffs and just massive acreages of fields everywhere. It's without a doubt, God's country. Truly a beautiful state that gets you excited to be out west. There'd be times we'd go almost 30min without seeing another car or building along the highway. Another thing the "Equality State" has going for it, is its 80mph speed limits on some of the interstates. Wisconsin roads take a big step back with a miserable 65. Heading into Denver and up I70, it started to pour rain then snow which when combined with very steep inclines, made a treacherous drive to our final destination. BUT! the Saabaru station wagon made it through, thanks in part to all-wheel-drive. When I70 turns into I40 West towards Granby and Winter Park, the road switchbacks probably a couple dozen times up and down the towering mountains. A minor snowstorm in October? Yeah that happened on our way into Granby. Almost 2,000 miles and three days later, I set foot on my new home and place of employment: YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch. Let this new chapter begin.