Monday, October 6, 2014

Why Blog?

Digital storytelling is so important and easier than ever. With everyone having access to some kind of mobile device whether it be a tablet, phablet (yes, that's now a term) or smart phone; anyone can be a journalist. Upon telling friends and family I'd be moving out to Colorado and doing quite a bit of traveling, I kept getting suggested to and asked if I'd blog again. Sure!

In 2010, I created a little blog called "" which was my main way of communicating with those I know, while traveling through out Vietnam, Cambodia and Japan for four months. With a strict Communist-controlled internet in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), all social media channels like Twitter or Facebook were blocked. Blogging was how I told my family and friends of my daily life abroad. After 30,000+ page views in just a few months (!), a bunch of subscribers, 90 blog posts with rich descriptions and tons of unique images, I took it offline and printed it out in a 100-something page, hardcover book. Oh, random fun fact- one of my pics I took in Hue, Vietnam and posted on my blog, ended up being a selected winning photograph in National Geographic Magazine's online travel photo contest. Cool stuff.

Over the course of the next eight -- perhaps even longer -- months, I'll be exploring across the USA, camping, hiking, backpacking, skiing, kayaking and hopefully a bit of mountaineering too. Gotta put those new Petzl Crampons to good use on some ice! Follow along here to see some photos, maybe a few videos, and text descriptions of the everyday excitement I'm looking forward to share.

Here weeeeeee gooooooooo!