Friday, November 21, 2014

Burgers in Florrisant

I'm on the road again in an exhausted Ford minivan.

This Friday, we're on our way to an ACA (American Camp Association) Conference to learn how to better the outdoor recreation programming we offer at the YMCA of The Rockies. Starving and needing a break from food at our go-to Commons community cafeteria, we paused for a late lunch at a gas station along U.S. Highway 6. Walking past a lifted yellow Jeep and opening the door, a woman in her late 50s accompanied by a scruffy chef cooked up $7 burgers, promising sweet potato fries, and mediocre milkshakes."We have to stretch the bun so we can fit the meat," I overheard the waitress joke to a regular. We sat four to a small square table. The burger was overpriced and tasty, what one would probably expect after not finding a grub stop after dozens of empty miles, I sat and watched the commotion. Disposing boxes was simply a method of chucking the out the drive-thru window and a corkboard near the trash can was littered with homemade posts alerting about missing dogs named Lula, Demon, and Gizmo.