Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hiking Peaks 1 & 2 of Snow Mountain in Granby, CO (12 pictures)

Today, after finally getting used to the altitude and thinner air, climbed some elevation! Nearby Snow Mountain has five peaks, offering stunning views of Rocky Mountain National Park off in the distance, the Continental Divide and Berthoud Pass on the close horizon. The weather forecast for Granby, Colorado called for a thunderstorm with snow to happen around 5/6pm so timing was a bit crucial on this hike. At our stopping point on top of Peak 2, we were at 10,336ft. With the temperature dropping, windy picking up and dark clouds creeping across the mountains, we headed down. Next up on my goal list: climb a 12k or 13k footer, maybe even Berthoud Pass in the snow or Devil's Thumb. Woot I'm excited! The GoPro HD Hero shot some great pictures too. (Read more to see all the photos which can then be enlarged by clicking on them.)