Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Adventure Mobile Breaks Down

The adventure-mobile, now dubbed the nickname "Monica" by a few friends, is out sick with the flu. That means my main method of transportation is kaput for awhile. Despite a solid, reliable drivetrain made by Subaru- my Saab 9-2x started to run into mechanical problems once the 125,000 mile mark passed over the odometer. Little things like burnt out dashboard lights and a wonky heated seat switch (which in freezing cold Colorado is a necessary)- to now major problems that require a tow truck. Not all cars are bulletproof and while I take immaculate, impeccable care of my car; stuff still happens!In this case it was the whole throttle body assembly that died, which prohibited the Saabaru wagon from moving anywhere once in gear. Super frustrating, yes, repairable? Thankfully. My local repair shop, First Class Automotive in Granby, CO continues to be a dependable place to go for automotive maintenance needs. Become a valued, repetitive loyal customer and you'll be treated well, well enough to be driven home from the repair shop in a new Cadillac Escalade. The problem, a broken throttle actuator control motor, continues to be a puzzle for the mechanics, and I've been without my beloved vehicle for more than a week now. It was fixed, supposedly, and I drove it home only to break down yet again with the same problem. Being charged $90 for a computer diagnostic is ridiculous, when I did it for free myself with my own OBDII reader that plugs into your car. Just goes to show how much you can save by DIYing.