Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The adventure mobile breaks down

My 2005 Saab 9-2x, now dubbed "Monica" by a few friends, is out sick with the flu. 

That means my main method of transportation is absent for a while. Despite a solid, reliable drivetrain made by Subaru, my Saab 9-2x started to run into mechanical problems once the 125,000-mile mark passed over its odometer. Little things like burnt out dashboard lights and a wonky heated seat switch (which in freezing cold Colorado is necessary) were minor, but now unexpected bigger problems required a tow truck rescue. Not all cars are bulletproof. While I take immaculate and impeccable care of my adventure mobile, stuff still happens! 

Per a crackly phone call with the mechanic, in this case my 14-year-old throttle body assembly was done for, likely what prohibited the wagon from moving anywhere once in gear. Super frustrating, yes. Repairable? Of course. When I moved to Granby, Colorado, I found a local repair shop to place my rust in: First Class Automotive. Become a valued, repetitive loyal customer and you'll be treated well. Very well. Well enough to be driven home from the repair shop in a new Cadillac Escalade they just so happened to have. Further diagnosis revealed the problem was a broken throttle actuator control module and continued to be a puzzle to fix. I've been without my wagon for more than a week now, but I at first drove it home after it was supposedly fixed...only to have it plagued again. It'll be back soon.