Wednesday, January 14, 2015

End of the line in Granby

On the way into my hometown of Granby, there's a set of tracks with an old caboose.

Today I decided to explore what was down there. Parking next to a storage shed, its yellow and red painted facade standing out in the nearby white snow and piercing blue skies, I passed a bucket of railroad ties laying in the snow on my way to an abandoned caboose car. 

Colorado winters have surely left their impact on this caboose built in 1923 for the Union Pacific railroad. Originally from Fall City, Nebraska this once-red caboose saw life on the rails of this country until 1967. Pushing open the front door, I made my way through the cabin. While it's rare to see one in use today, cabooses served their purpose as a place for train crew on long-hauls to relax, sleep and cook meals during down times. Here that's now all gone

The entire left side of the caboose was gone from wood rot and wind. Inside a lone stove still stood as did an electric meter gauge nestled high in the bunk area. Storage chests had their doors flung open, a thin deteriorating bunk mattress still was set up above the step ladder leading to it. The floors creaked as I walked towards the back of the car.