Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dead Horse Point State Park, UT

"I'm going to assume that since you are drinking coffee, you are not a Mormon," Kate, who had been out to visit Moab with her husband and two dogs, said to me as we chatted about different cities in the state. Proof continues to come that one of the best things about traveling solo is meeting other inspiring people with like minds and ambitions. After finishing up a mug of coffee from the Moab Coffee Brewers located right on the main buzzing drag of Moab, I headed out of the town on 313 towards Canyonlands National Park's "Island In The Sky District." On the way to this massive national park, is a must-stop that will blow your mind- Dead Horse Point State Park, run by Utah's DNR. It's 30 miles northwest of Moab but you can't get to Canyonlands National Park without driving past this place. Pay $10 to enter and be rewarded with an iconic view of the mighty Colorado River winding around the mesa top point some 2,000 feet below your feet. There are some great hiking trails that get you right up to the ledges of some steep drop-offs to the canyon floor below. The views are mesmerizing, looking out hundreds of miles across the vast canyon landscape with the 12,700ft La Sal Mountains off on the horizon. Why the name? Back in the wild west era, cowboys used Dead Horse Point (the tall big mesa in picture two that the river hugs) to drive wild mustangs on to it. The legend has it that the horses ended up being trapped till death, on this mesa after being abandoned by their wranglers. Not a bad way to go haha, poor horses.