Monday, July 11, 2016

Finding a rental car for my trip to Iceland

It's time to pick out a 4x4 that I can explore Iceland with. 

As the countdown clock starts to roll down...almost three-and-a-half months until I leave for my grand Iceland adventure! Advance preparation and planning is exhausting along with time consuming, but oh it's so fun. Last week, my new Lonely Planet travel guidebook to Iceland arrived at my door step and I find myself reading it every night before awaking in the wee hours in the morning to scramble out the door for work. Obviously I'm way excited. And I was just as excited this afternoon to finally book the rental car for the expedition- a Suzuki Jimny. Look at this little box on wheels, with its manual-transmission and a burly four-wheel-drive system approved for travel along northern Iceland's F Roads during the late-fall and winter. Hah, to think I could have had some lame Ford Escape or other wannabe 4x4. I spent hours comparing different prices across the rental car company spectrum, probably some five or different services' sites. This exact same car, was through some companies nearly $200-$300 more expensive.

For an 11-day loaner, I went with GoIceland Car-Rental, charging a cool 77,000 ISK (Icelandic Krona) or $626 USD onto my credit card. This includes unlimited mileage for those eleven days which is perfect for the massive amounts of on-and-off 'The Ring Road' driving I plan to do. Choosing to walk five minutes to their pick-up counter at Iceland's Keflavik saves me almost $33 all together. Plus, knowing how to drive a manual with three-pedals and a gear shifter saves some cash too. So, do your homework and shop around.Make sure to read the rental agreement and terms of rental. 

Here's a quick price comparison via different car rental services in Iceland, for this exact model, for those exact eleven days:

  • GoIceland Car-Rental: $626
  • Budget Car Rental: $902
  • Reykjavik Cars: $802
  • Cars Iceland: $902