Monday, July 11, 2016

Iceland 2016: halló, Jimny

It's time to pick out a 4x4 that I can explore Iceland with.

As the countdown clock starts to roll down...almost three-and-a-half months until I leave for my grand Iceland adventure! Advance preparation and planning is exhausting along with time-consuming, but oh it's so fun. Last week, my new Lonely Planet travel guidebook to Iceland arrived at my doorstep and I find myself reading it every night before waking in the wee hours in the morning to scramble out the door for work. Obviously, I'm way excited. And I was just as excited this afternoon to finally book the rental car for the expedition- a Suzuki Jimny. Look at this little box on wheels, with its manual transmission and a burly four-wheel-drive system approved for travel along northern Iceland's F Roads during the late fall and winter. Hah, to think I could have had some lame Ford Escape or other wannabe 4x4. I spent hours comparing different prices across the rental car company spectrum, probably some five or different services' sites. This exact same car was through some companies nearly $200-$300 more expensive.

For an 11-day loaner, I went with GoIceland Car-Rental, charging a cool 77,000 ISK (Icelandic Krona) or $626 USD onto my credit card. This includes unlimited mileage for those eleven days which is perfect for the massive amounts of on-and-off 'The Ring Road' driving I plan to do. Choosing to walk five minutes to their pick-up counter at Iceland's Keflavik saves me almost $33 altogether. Plus, knowing how to drive a manual with three pedals and a gear shifter saves some cash too. So, do your homework and shop around. Make sure to read the rental agreement and terms of rental.

Here's a quick price comparison via different car rental services in Iceland, for this exact model, for those exact eleven days:

GoIceland Car-Rental: $626
Budget Car Rental: $902
Reykjavik Cars: $802
Cars Iceland: $902