Monday, October 10, 2016

The Saabaru Gets a Bike Rack!

So I picked up a new toy this past summer, a brand-new bike! My old one, my beloved Giant Boulder was 11 years old and I looked like a giant riding around on it, hunched over as if the Hulk were trying to keep balance on a small bike with training wheels. The freshest addition to my gear rack is a 2016 Trek Marlin 5, a combination hybrid-esque bike that errs more on the mountain bike side thanks to adjustable suspension up front and some meaty tires. Oh it's red too, clearly the best color. Since I've been trying to get out and ride as much as I can, I was getting a bit tired of folding down the seats in my Saab wagon, taking off the front tire of my bike and playing Tetris to fit it inside. A co-worker at the state park I work at had and sold it to me for $10. Win, major win. It straps to the back hatch of my 9-2x and holds up to three-bikes. I'm a happy kiddo. Plus a station wagon, especially this Swedish camper wagon I got, just looks badass with a bike rack on it. I'm stoked because bringing a bike along when you explore state parks and our lovely National Parks properties is the very best. The 'Adventure Mobile' is going strong at 178,000 miles. Only major repairs lately have been a replaced rear, right wheel bearing. On ward!