Thursday, January 26, 2017

Q&A: Where Can I Winter Camp in Wisconsin?

You know what's the best? Winter camping. For real, it's a blast. If you have the right gear, you can stay toasty warm. And we think our state parks in Wisconsin are sweet in the spring, summer and fall months....wait till you get out into some of them after a ton of fresh snow falls. They're a completely different, surreal and beautiful landscape. Not to mention the sheer quiet and desolation of these places will blow you away. The first time I ever went winter camping in Wisconsin was at Menominee River State Recreation Area up on the border of Northern Wisconsin /the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (da UP). I backpacked a few miles out on snowshoes to a site perched atop the Pemene Falls on the Menominee river . I saw a gazillion stars at night and the only noises I heard were the crashing waterfalls below and wolves howling. I didn't see a single soul for a few days. Yea, it got down to -18 at 2am but gosh it was spectacular. Get yourself a down sleeping bag that's rated close to or at 0, a good three-season tent and winter hiking gear and get out there. Try it out! That picture above? That's from a weekend of winter camping at serene Mirror Lake State Park near the Wisconsin Dells.
Here area few places across the state you can winter camp at:

Make sure to call the park ahead of time to confirm they have their winter camping sites open. Refer here to see updates directly from the DNR.