Monday, February 6, 2017

What's My Favorite National Park?

Good morning and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Hope it was splendid. Mine was filled with a job interview in Madison, an intense game of Settlers of Catan, a chili cook-off with a bunch of my rock climbing buddies, work and then a super bowl party. Boo you Patriots, boo. I was really hoping for Atlanta to win the game, just give the Falcons the Lombardi trophy already. Did you catch the commercials? What were your favorites? Every year I watch the Super Bowl, my inner advertising geek comes out in me (that is after all what my degree is in), and I get so immersed in each TV spot. My three favorites this year? Alfa Romeo's ads for their sexy new Giulia, the 'Complete the Journey' spot from 84 Lumber (probably my's chillingly powerful and beautiful, watch the whole ad) and finally the short hilarious Busch commercial with the prolonged "Buschhhhhhhhh" followed by adorable animals snapping into attention. I laugh every time.

This post is a + blog post = vlog. Hooray for math! The National Park Service just turned 100 this past year and have flooded the world with these wonderful "Find Your Park" advertisements that encourage people to get out, explore and find their park. The park that means the most to them and that park you fall in love with. In my efforts to check-off every National Park Service property in the U.S., I try to plan out multiple trips each year to adventure in these incredible places. A super common question I get from friends and people on the road, is "What's your favorite national park?" So that got me thinking and taking a few suggestions from others to make a video for my blog- I created this. So enjoy....and get out there to find your park. I did this in one take so I don't feel too bad about the rambling :)

Oh and I've been begging to get back in my tent, therefore I've got a quick winter camping trip planned for later this week at High Cliff State Park in Wisco. There's also a post in the works about the top places to hike in Ozaukee County per request after my recent list of the best spots in Milwaukee County exploded in popularity. Stay tuned and get outdoors!