Monday, April 3, 2017

The Blog Gets Some Spring Cleaning

Greetings and happy Monday!

You may have noticed that this blog has changed drastically! Call it a little bit of Spring cleaning. I've been getting way more traffic to the blog the past few months and thought it was overdue for an upgrade. Some of the posts that used to be on here aren't appearing anymore because I'm either re-wording and re-formatting them or just deleting them all together as they may just be irrelevant to the blog's goal. I'm also going to be re-posting a lot of my writing and photos from when I lived in Vietnam six years ago. Content and throwback posts from my Guatemala and Mexico trips will come soon after. Getting my hands tied-up with HTML coding and CSS design is like learning some abstract foreign language for the first time, so with patience will come exciting things on here!

Quick-update on life outside the blog. I turned 27 the other week! Whoa! It was a wonderful few days celebrating with all the best important people in my life. People I am so grateful for. I rang-in the start of a new (birth) year with knee surgery last week. This past summer while on-the-clock at one of the state parks I work at, I got hit by a car while walking to our contact station. An SUV blew a stop-sign at around 20mph, I flew up on the hood and slammed on to the ground- destroying my right knee. The driver got a ticket and admitted to both blowing the stop sign and looking over his shoulder-not forward. That happened in June of 2016. My doctor and I spent months trying injections, shots, different medicine...everything but surgery which I did not want to have for a second time. But cracks in the bone, bruising on the ACL and damaged cartilage to name just some of the damage needed more than just a temporary 'band-aid'. So I had surgery last week and it sucked, but I'm slowly getting better and soon I'll be off crutches, in PT and back to actual fun physical activities. Do you know how sad it was to cancel two rock climbing trips? The surgery is supposed to help eliminate much of the bone and cartilage pain issues, but the damage to my knee is permanent unfortunately. Thank God for worker's comp.

On another note, I'm moving in less than a month to Shorewood! On Milwaukee's north shore. Can't wait. Stay tuned on here for a some pretty sweet posts coming live within in the next few weeks.