Wednesday, July 26, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 3

Three days into this writing prompt challenge I found on Pinterest and it's been a blast thus far. I've been in a writing mood lately and it helps that I'm camping out at my parents' house this week in an effort to get some fresh air. So I cranked this prompt out at breakfast as today I'm out in Oshkosh, WI with press credentials to cover the EAA Airshow for the magazine I work for. Planes and cars galore. True fact, I used to go to summer camp out here and learned how to fly. I've actually got a few hours of seat time in a single-engine prop plane from when I was like 13-15 years old.

Day 3: What Color Are You Grateful For? 

"Hah, this will be interesting" I thought when I pulled up this prompt on my phone while sipping the last of my coffee. There are so many different answers to this prompt I could choose. I could say green because I love trees or red because my car is red or white because fresh fallen snow is just magical but I've got to go with blue for this one. The reason is that water is blue (I promise the rest of this post won't be elementary-level writing, stay with me) and something about water is just calming and relaxing. At times when it feels like life is flying by you at a million miles per hour, your're unsure about something or just feeling down, lost or jaded- I find it the most comforting to go sit and watch the shoreline. I'll bike to a local park, drive to a lake or even just stare out the plane window at the ocean down below. It's inexplicable and just hard to describe the serenity and tranquility of water. You can sit there, tune out everything else in the world that's distracting you and just clear your head. The repetitive sounds of the waves crashing in and the sun beaming down on the bedazzling surface of the water, it's simply harmonic. You don't even need to be feeling bummed out to enjoy the blue. You can be in the happiest mood ever and still recharge just by sitting by the water and taking it all in. I think there's also this huge 'What If' factor that goes with pondering and staring out into the blue. Nearly the entire planet is covered in water and we've only just explored a narrow sliver of it There are still millions of square miles of uncharted waters, with new species of marine life being discovered and new islands being mapped out. Ever fly over the Pacific ocean? It's unbelievably cool. When I flew from Sand Diego to Hong Kong years ago, that was nearly a 17 hour flight at 500+mph in a jumbo jet, across water. Unreal. I remember when I was in Iceland driving to the northern most point in the country and hiking out to the very tip of the point at sunset, just to stare north into the Arctic Ocean because I was intrigued by it. Crazy to think the North Pole and Arctic Circle were only nine miles north of where I stood by the light house.

So blue, thank you for providing me with calm when things seem shaken and cuing all sorts of wanderlust feels.


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