Friday, July 28, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 5

And what feels like the slowest week in the world is nearing its end! I woke up this morning full of 'TGIF' energy. I was still evidently recovering from a food coma though, as last night after wrenching away on my fun never-ending project car, myself and one of my good friends Nick splurged on burgers at a spot called The Ruckus, just down the road from me in Shorewood. Oh it was so, so, so good. Speaking of food, did you catch yesterday's prompt? Check it out, phở real. So on to day 5 of the 30 Days of Gratitude writing prompt I'm every day scribing away at. Continued thanks to those who keep following along and read these, the page views here keep going up a lot! Hopefully you too will grasp some inspiration and try out a prompt like this one.
Day 5: What Sound Are You Grateful For Today?
Every morning as soon as I step out of the shower, I yell out to my Amazon Echo one of two requests "Alexa, play José González Pandora station" or "Alexa, play NPR news." The first request repeatedly being the more common sound playing throughout my wood-floored apartment. NPR is on during my AM commute though. I've always thought having a series of morning rituals, habits, routines whatever you'd like to name 'em, is really important to starting your day off right. In the background I can have soft, gentle acoustic music that streams from said Pandora station going, fresh coffee brewing, my creaky bedroom window open with a breeze floating in past the curtains- all while I'm tying a tie in front of the mirror or brushing my teeth or just thinking about the day ahead. Do you wake up to an actual alarm clock or your phone? Try an actual alarm clock that forces you to get up and shut it off. I started awhile back keeping my phone plugged in overnight far away from my bed or just in a different room and it's been wonderful. That sad, obnoxious temptation to instantly swipe through your social media feeds the second you wake up, check texts or even worse- email is saved for later in the morning instead of when your heads still attached to that comfy pillow. Try it out, I bet it'll make you happier and more productive in the morning. Back to that José González Pandora station. José González is this Swedish-Argentinian indie folk singer that I heard for the first time on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee three years ago. I was hooked immediately, sold, and downloaded tons of his stuff. That strumming of guitars, chillingly-good authentic voice and simple, colorful lyrics- it's just this warm experience listening to music like this. When my dad and I loaded up my station wagon and moved me out to Granby, Colorado in the fall of 2014, I created this Pandora station and my iTunes library grew tremendously. On nearly all adventuring, camping, backpacking, road tripping, traveling- I'm dialing up music I've heard on that José González Pandora station. It's turned me on to other similar acoustic, folk and indie artists like Iron & Wine, Stateless, Gregory Alan Isakov, The Shins, Junip, Ben Howard, etc. I constantly listen to these talented musicians and I have many of vivid, happy memories that come to mind when some of their tracks play. Listening to Iron & Wine's "Cinder and Smoke" while driving through snowstorms in Colorado, or their song "Jezebel" while excitedly exploring Iceland. Listening to Stateless's "Miles To Go" or "Bloom" by The Paper Kite's while roaming the National Parks in and around The Badlands and Black Hills. Listening to "Night Time" by The XX when backpacking in Utah. I'm crazy grateful for music like this that fuels the stoked wanderlust side of me. Here's a list of goodies to take a hear to if you're in need of new tunes:

Cheers and have the very best day,