Saturday, July 29, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 6

Greetings from the paradise of Wisconsin, Door County! I'm calling my best friend John's cabin in the village Ephraim home until Sunday afternoon and goodness it's so nice to be back up here in this part of the state. A weekend of sailing, bonfires, shenanigans, beaching, going out, spending time outside all in the company of my best friend. Let's hope neither one of us get another speeding ticket. I'm hoping to overcome my terrifying fear of open water this weekend up here. Hah, we'll see how that goes, clearly I shouldn't have watched the movie 'Jaws' when I was eight on a trip to San Diego. So day six of the 30 Days of Gratitude writing prompt is brilliant. It's about nature! Nature things!

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Day 6: What In Nature Are You Grateful For?

Many of friends and family who really know me, know that I'm an absolute sucker for a solid sunset. I always have been. I'm not ashamed of it at all, but I will go out of the way, move my schedule around, procrastinate things...just to catch a sunset. Yes, I've pulled over on the side of the highway just to take a photo of a stellar sunset. Haven't you? Whenever I plan out trips or hikes, I always jot down somewhere, on my hand, in my pocket-size travel journal, on a wrinkly map, what time the sun sets. There are two reasons I'm grateful for sunsets. First, and yes it's superbly cliche but come on, every sunset is different. To me it's like this reward we look forward to at the end of the day. We bustle for hours on end in our overly-occupied days, combating that work/life balance and then come the late afternoon and the sun slowly starts creeping down across the western horizon, it's like life slows down for an hour or so, we can stare out onto that big open sky at an ever-changing canvass waiting for a vibrance of events happen. Hues and shades of colors explode all over the sky in an uncapped inventory of patterns. I get so excited, ecstatic about a good sunset and want to tell literally everyone I see. You can never get bored of sunsets they are always different, every, single, night. Blue skies with clouds gets dull and monotonous. Sunsets win, always. The second reason I'm grateful for sunsets is because it calls for reflection and strikes up the time for pondering. When the sun goes down, the day is ending. I think about what I did well, what I shouldn't have done or said, what I need to start doing to improve myself, what's on the agenda for tonight, how can I act differently tomorrow in ____ situation to ensure I'm growing into a better and stronger person. I'll sit on a bench at Big Bay Park just down the road from my apartment after a bike ride, or atop a ridge in North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park and just stare quietly into that slowly fading sunset. And I'll watch it go down completely. To me, that's one of the upmost relaxing and healthy things you can do as a person, sit quietly and just admire in awestruck for an hour until dark. It sure beats staring at a bright phone screen. Door County has easily some of the best sunsets in the world and they take foreverrrrrrr to go down. I can't wait to sit on the beach tonight at Little Sister Bay or Ephraim and see the sky light-up in orange, red, purple, pink, copper, yellow.

Speaking of nature, I've picked out my fall backpacking trip. It's a 19 mile, loop hike that starts in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park and heads up into the neighboring, stunning Never Summer Wilderness. Two nights in the backcountry high in elevation above 11,000ft sounds like heaven to me. I can't wait to swing through the Valley (Grand County) and see some of my best friends from when I lived out there, I miss my home away from home Granby, CO. Time to play with my travel credit card perks and buy plane tickets for a four-day weekend in October adventure. Oh, and get training.

Cheers, thanks for reading along again and have a fantastic weekend,


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