Wednesday, August 2, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 10

Good morning! Guess what? There's a short video (you can click above!) for today's prompt and it's genuinely heartfelt.

Day 10: Who In Your Life Are You Grateful For? 

What's the answer? I have the absolute best group of friends in the world and I explain why when you click 'Play'.

Today marks ten days into this '30 Days of Gratitude' writing challenge I've been following so far. Each day I've put in the time to scratch-up a response to one of the daily prompts, I've gotten lots of super encouraging, fun and nice feedback. I look at the analytics for these posts and every day so far, there have been a few hundred people heading to my blog and reading each one of these posts, thank you! I seriously hope you also consider perhaps taking-on a similar challenge like this, so you can learn a little bit more about yourself and what you're grateful for. It's helped me grow. Honestly, ten days of reflecting has rewarded me with an incredibly positive experience and I can confidently say my overall morale and appreciation for certain things and people in life has skyrocketed. A few friends and family members who have been following along with my blog and enjoying these posts, suggested I do a video response to one of the daily prompts. I got a text the other day saying, "Do a video! We want to see you!" The last video I did on here was about my trip to Badlands National Park and I got quite a bit of great feedback on it. So why not change it up and make a video? Here it is, enjoy it! You can either click directly below and watch a few minutes on here, it's in 1080p HD! (though this blog's CMS isn't letting me embed it full-size, you should still be able to click the 'View Full Screen' icon in the lower right hand corner) or click that very first image/screenshot above and it'll take you to it on YouTube. The music is Bloc Party's "Blue Light."

Cheers and have such a good day,