Friday, August 4, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 12

Happy Friday! It's 52 degrees outside and I used my heated seat driving into work this morning. Yesssss fall come here now, please. Bring on that season and its fullest glory. I want to start wearing flannels, hoodies and jeans. What do you all have going on this weekend? At breakfast I pulled out my daily planner notebook and started writing down all that's on the schedule for this coming Friday night to Sunday night. After being gone out of town the past two weekends, I'm so ready to be here, planted at home in Milwaukee. My to-do list hasn't shrunk so I'll finally have time to get caught up on a few things and I get to spend all sorts of awesome time with my best friends all weekend, starting with a rendezvous at a beer garden tonight just a short ten minute walk from my apartment (if that). Beer! Beer! Massive pretzels! Like I mentioned in the prompt from two days ago, I'm so, so, so grateful for my best friends. This past month they've all been tirelessly supportive, bringing calm, security and assurance to me when I've been really needing it. The daily calls, texts, hanging out face-to-face have all been powerful acts of loyalty and love. After a solid session rock climbing last night, I splurged on $2.00 tacos and beer at Bel Air with one of my best friends, Dan, who reminds me on the daily to keep my head up because "you are a good person." I'm beyond thankful for these heroic people. On to the prompt!

Day 12: What Holiday Are You Grateful For?

True fact about me, I love Halloween, it's my absolute favorite holiday. I geek out and celebrate it literally every day of October. But the holiday I'm thankful for the most, is Thanksgiving. Cliché right? So yes, Christmas is a very close second, but that week or so floating around Thanksgiving is an incredible, special time for me. AND this year I have both Thursday (the day Turkey day falls on) and Friday off. Boom, four-day weekend. For that week, my two younger brothers and I move into our parents house we grew up in and the whole DeGraff family is happily back under one roof again. It's also a holiday where I get to see many of my best friends that live outside of Wisconsin, who return home. Gosh I cannot wait for those hugs, nights out at the bars and reunions. It's August and I'm already getting invites to a few 'Friendsgiving' dinners (seriously the most amazing concept ever created) where we all dress up and spend an evening catching up and having a meal together. Sitting down at a big table surrounded by the best people in your life is a impeccable feeling that I cherish tremendously. Back at home, my parents spend a full-day preparing this monstrosity of a dinner. We light candles, eat and take turns going around the table where we each explain what we're thankful for. It gives me the chills, year after year, to hear and see how far each of us have come along and grown. Oh the food! Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing (my favorite), corn, hot bread, pumpkin pie, wine....mother of God I'm hungry now. I don't eat that day until dinnertime and end up in a horrendous food coma for the next 24 hours afterwards. That's okay though, because per usual brotherly tradition, the three of us play drunken Mario Kart, Mario Party or Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 until the wee-hours of the next morning. Our basement gets filled with explosive laughter and empty Leinenkugel bottles. Usually after dinner too, I'll post-up in front of the fireplace with my journal and write a "What I'm Thankful For" reflection. I do it every year. I ponder on the good things and the bad things that have happened to me the past year, because through some form of karma, I'm thankful for both. The bads always lead to the goods. Good karma comes around, bad karma comes around. Always be grateful for what gets thrown at you in life. 

Have an excellent weekend and start dreaming of turkey day, I know I already am. 


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