Sunday, August 6, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 14

Happy Sunday! Here's another little video (click above to watch on YouTube or scroll down.

How's your weekend been? Mine has been nothing but relaxing and I've been able to spend some much-needed time back here around Milwaukee. Yesterday I helped a few friends move into new apartments and we all capped it off with a nice, sit-down meal and bonfire. Mark, that bbq chicken was on-point. So was the fire. By the way, I guess today is 'National Friendship Day' so shout-out to all you incredible people. Sunday's agenda thus far has been great. Starting with a superb rock climbing session at the gym and ending tonight by taking my lovely mother out to dinner at this restaurant called 'The Bay' to chat and catch up on life. After those splendid few hours with Mama DeGraff I'm looking forward to meal-prepping later and just watching some Netflix on the couch before that 5:30am alarm clock screaming. I'm almost half-way through this '30 Days of Gratitude' challenge and I wanted to make another video because the quick film I put together last week was a big hit.

Day 14: What Upcoming Challenge Are You Grateful For? 

I guess I need to start making more of these videos? That video post I did about what people in my life I'm grateful for drew a huge amount of readers to my blog so thank you! I also seriously appreciate the influx of positive comments about that video I had texted, told to me or messaged to me. Bits of praise like "It was so good to hear your voice!" or "We missed seeing you!" or "You really just glowed in happiness and it was awesome to see you open up like that!" or "Dude you've gotta make more videos like that." These videos are super easy to make and piece together and while the majority of these daily gratitude prompts can be somewhat simply answered with a paragraph or two of text, I like the opportunity to sit down in front of the camera and be straight-forward transparent about the more deep answers. Which brings me to responding to today's prompt, about challenges. Writing down, referring to frequently and then pursuing your goals or challenges is of paramount importance to me. Here's a three-ish minute video explaining why and a hint at an upcoming adventure I cannot wait for. You can either click directly below on the video and watch it on here, it's in 1080p HD! Click the 'View Full Screen' icon in the lower right hand corner or click that very first image/screenshot up above and it'll take you to it on YouTube

Enjoy, cheers and take some time tonight to reflect on what upcoming challenge you're grateful for~