Monday, August 7, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 15

I'm half-way through this '30 Days of Gratitude' writing prompt challenge! Time is flying by and I'm a-okay with that. For the first time in years, I'm more ready for summer to be completely over and eagerly awaiting the start of fall. Fall fall fall! Fall! This summer truthfully hasn't been as enjoyable as I had hoped and overwhelmingly fast at times. I'm seriously craving fall's slowed-down, relaxed feels and mood. Bring on the cooler weather and loads of memorable traditions. I took my mom out to a nice dinner last night and we spent a few hours talking about life and its recent ups-and-downs. I'm very, very grateful for motherly advice. She's a constantly reminding me to keep my head-up, be the best I can be and dishes out whatever she can in order to help instill reassurance in me to continue moving forward. AND she even gave me a dish filled with her homemade casserole. Yessssss. Today's prompt question talks about something I'm thankful for every time the sun rises.

Day 15: What Sight Are You Grateful For Today?

I'm grateful that at the start of a new day that I get to see a clean, blank slate ahead of me. Every morning, I sit down with my planner and hash-out my day. It's one of my absolute favorite things that I do and I make it a priority right away. If I haven't taken the time to do this, my whole day then feels off.

First, the date gets jotted down, underlined and then I sit back in my chair and reflect on both what I want to do and need to do today. Wants versus needs. It's crucially important to separate the two and divide-up appropriate time for both. I've mentioned it on here a few times, that I'm a huge believer in fresh-starts and whether I've had the most flawless day before or the worst, writing down what I plan to accomplish at the beginning of a new day makes me truly happy. It keeps me motivated. I'll start by listing the norms; work from __AM to __PM, go rock climbing at __pm, take a walk at __PM after _____; then I'll fill-in the social fun stuff like call_____, stop by and see______, respond to ______'s text,  go to _____'s party, Skype with ______ or get coffee with_____. These are all things I can write down on that greatly appreciated, blank day's agenda in my planner and excitedly look forward to doing later on after work. This is how I like to get through my day. Plus, when I get to see the next week's empty schedule on Sunday night before heading to bed or on Monday morning, it opens the door for endless brainstorming of ways to plan-out the next six days ahead. I'll go back and refer to the personal goals and challenges I set in place and determine ways to incorporate those into my week. I'm grateful too that I get to see previous day's to-do items crossed off. Again, that sense of accomplishment.

Back to the wants versus needs concept. In particular, I'm grateful to see that in my planner for tonight, I've got nothing penned down apart for a quick rock climbing session and a few phone calls to make on my commute home. This rewarding sight means these two important words get to claim that open, evening space in my planner: 'Me Time.' I realized this last night after dinner, this morning waking up and commuting to work- that I am really craving some quality, quiet reflective 'Me Time' later on today. Do you ever get that feeling? That you just really need some time to yourself to recharge and refocus? As soon as I get home from the climbing gym, I'm packing my journal, laptop and headphones into my messenger bag and walking down to Oakland Avenue to call a cozy coffee shop home for the night. I'm on my lunch break now at work and counting down the hours until I can sit contently with a ceramic Colectivo mug of tea, as the sun goes down. Four....more....hours. I cannot wait.


On the iPod...(because my best friends and I were singing to this legendary throwback on Saturday haha)