Wednesday, August 16, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 23

Hopefully you enjoyed yesterday's prompt about a story I'm grateful for that taught me how to be way more prepared in the outdoors. Happy Wednesday, the week is now half-way over! I feel as if the start of this week dragged on painfully slow and now we're on that final slope to the finish. I'm stoked for the next few days. All-things on the social life front are looking pretty spectacular till I head to bed on Sunday night. From birthday dinners, family time, catching up with best friends, greasily working on both my newly-purchased classic motorcycle and project car (hobby things!), to diving head-first into my training for my upcoming backpacking trip. I also can't wait to thrive in some quality relaxing me time. I'm also strongly considering taking a distant trip next weekend to get away and do some hiking. We'll see. Needless to say, there's a lot to look forward to happening very soon. Let's get to gratitude prompt number 23.

Day 23: What Season Are You Grateful For?

The answer is obvious if you're been reading these gratitude prompts on my blog the past twenty-three days, but now there's an actual question that focuses on it! I'm so, so, so grateful for fall. And i'm unbelievably excited for it to arrive here in just a couple weeks. I guess the official autumnal equinox or start of this glorious season is September 22.

I'm grateful for the season of fall for a latitude of reasons. It's the main part of the year when I strive get outside as much as possible to hike and camp. Let's just put this out on the table, fall is the ideal time for any kind of outdoor activity. No crowds, cooler temperatures, explosive colors and no mosquitos. That sounds perfect to me. A few of my backpacking friends and I are already trying to get a few weekends jotted down on our calendars for adventures near and far. I'm aching to get back up to Governor Thompson State Park located within northern Wisconsin in the mighty Peshtigo River State Forest (pictured atop) and head even further north to Craig Lake State Park in the UP of Michigan. I took a memorable backpacking trip there in the fall of 2013 and I've been really wanting to go back there for years. It's the most-remote, hardest-to-access state park in Michigan. Some of the greatest hikes around Milwaukee are just ming-blowing when the fall colors take over? Ever been to the Schlitz Audubon Center in late October? Wow.

The traditions and social happenings that take place during the fall months are easily some of the most enjoyable too. From weekly gatherings at friends' houses to watch the Packers games, group dinners, weddings, drives, camping trips, game and movie nights, meets at coffee shops, chili cook-offs and more. I looked at my schedule planner this morning and I've got almost every weekend from now until middle November booked with some kind of social amazement scribbled down. I'm pumped. Mmhmm.

Fall's overall relaxing mood is something I crave too. It feels like everything slows down to this breathable, calm pace. I can't wait to on a weekend morning, wake up, throw on jeans and a flannel or hoodie, and walk around the neighborhood with a thermos of tea in-hand, the leaves brushing around on the ground and falling from the trees. I can't wait to get in my car or on my motorcycle and go for a ride when the temperatures drop and the sun sets. I can't wait to sit in a local coffee shop in front of a big window, with an engaging book and read for hours while sipping on something pumpkin flavored. Not to forget, the sunsets that fill the sky during fall are jaw-dropping.

AND...AND my favorite holiday of Halloween happens in the fall! Costume parties, scary movie evenings, carving pumpkins, haunted houses, decorations galore and consuming pounds of candy corn.