Thursday, August 17, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 24

Last night I left my window open in my bedroom and at just after 5am this morning, I woke up to a chilly breeze blowing in and the sound of rain falling outside. Having gotten absolutely zero sleep the night before, I reset my 5:45am alarm for a later 6:30am wakeup in a bid to get some more Zs. But I couldn't fall asleep again, rather it was relaxing to the fullest extent, to just lay there quietly snug under my comforter and fill my ears with that blissful noise out my window. Mmhmm. Falllllll-ish. Can all mornings could be like this? The weekend is almost here and I'm so excited. Yesterday evening was spent at my friend Nick's shop, hanging out and working on my newly-purchased classic 1981 Honda CB650 motorcycle. Before moving onto today's prompt response, I just have to say how grateful I am to have good friends who share a common hobby and passion. They're easily some of the best, most fun, supportive and loyal people I have in my life. Plus we can all geek out.

Day 24: What Family Member Are You Grateful For Today?

Every single person in my family I have gigantic appreciation for, like my two-time cancer-beating champion strong mother who I wrote about in a past post. But this post I want to dedicate to my dad. He's the greatest role model I have. This morning on my commute into work, slaving through rush hour traffic and running on maybe...maybe three hours of sleep (that's even an optimistic guess), my dad called me up to check-in on me. Ask how my job was, about the motorcycle I just bought, how I was holding up with a recent struggle I've been fighting through, what my plans were for the weekend and to excitedly tell me about his shopping trip to Costco later today. He also reminded me again, to buy a new phone as my blue aging, front camera-less, overheating cracked iPhone is about to explode. Hooray for procrastination.

The thing I love about my dad the most and am hugely grateful for, is that he constantly gives me the most worthy, thought-out, genuine and honest advice ever. Every time I'm feeling unsure about something, lost, confused or doubtful, I have a conversation with him and walk away feeling relieved, reassured or more confident with whatever next step I planned to take is. He's pushed me through some of the hardest and biggest transitions in life, to help me rise up on top and while he may not always agree with whatever decision I make, he always supports me. Imagine telling your father, "Hey dad, I'm leaving a well-paying journalism job, moving out of my apartment, getting rid of a bunch of stuff and starting a seasonal, contracted environmental education teaching job at a YMCA camp where I'll live in community housing and make maybe $200 a week." That conversation happened in the fall of 2013 and while the initial reception wasn't the warmest, he understood and saw that that move I wanted to make happen, was going to be the best for me and help me figure out who I am and what I really want in life. So he bent over backwards to help me take that leap of faith. Through all sorts of jobs, places I've lived, dabbing in and out of hobbies, relationships, health issues, travels and adventures, Papa Robb has had my back and been the voice of reason and love. I would not be who I am, where I am, doing what I do if it had not been for him being there for me. From hospital trips and teaching me how to drive stick-shift at age fourteen on his brand-new sports car, to moving me out to Colorado and the endless list of epic concerts we've seen.

He's the one who got me into cars when I was younger, filled my music library with the best tunes, encouraged me to try out new activities and step-out of my comfort zone and grow. Sure, we don't agree on politics or who is the better driver, but we have a father-son bond that makes me smile. I love going hiking with him, seeing movies, grabbing lunch, joking about stuff or just sitting by him at the house with a cup of coffee looking out our big glass windows at the snow falling in our backyard while The Doors or The Beatles play on the stereo.

Thanks dad, I love you.