Friday, August 18, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 25

Hey it's Friday! Another long week done and gone! What are you all up this weekend? Hopefully fun and exciting things. Try to get outside and soak up some nature too, it's good for you. I'm thinking about on Sunday morning waking up early and hiking some of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail up in the lush Kettle Moraine State Forest. That sounds like a dream. I'm also sooooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, the past few nights have rewarded me with an exhausting severe lack of sleep, even with aiding melatonin pills before bed. So let's get to the twenty-fifth prompt in this writing challenge. The response will be somewhat short because it's Friday night and I want to go enjoy it with some pretty cool people.

Day 25: What Moment This Week Are You Most Grateful For?

Yesterday evening about thirty of us went and booked a banquet room at an awesome restaurant in Wauwatosa for one of my best friend's birthday. Delicious beer, cheesecake, pizzas galore, pasta, garlic bread, salads, more delicious beer- all in the company of some of the most important people in my life. That's a good way to bring a week to a close. Anyways, after desert, a friend came up and she asked how my new job was. I started telling her all about it and she smiled and answered back "Yay! I love it, you look so happy!" It was so nice to hear someone genuinely acknowledge how glad I am to have this new journalism job at the magazine, and be excited for and with me. She made me feel appreciated.Melissa has seen me go through all sorts of life changes since I've known her and to embellish that support she gave me last night, is something I'm grateful for.

Truthfully, this new professional chapter has been the best thing to happen to me in nearly four years. It took me a few years, bouncing between different jobs and career fields, moving places, trying out different professional-y doors that opened. It was exhausting, physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. Earlier this spring I was in a dead-end rut at my last job. It was fun yes, but the pay was horrendously embarrassing and not challenging at all. I needed to land a writing gig, something I was good at and confident at. Some job where I could use what I went to four years of college for, to make that B.A. in Advertising and PR worthy. Now I'm the Assistant Editor at Scale Auto Magazine, writing about, editing, taking and processing photos of model and die-cast cars. I can combine my passion for the automobile with my love of writing, make a good salary with benefits, and have a social life (something I did not have at my last parks and recreation job). I'm so proud of myself right now. I take incredible pride in my job at the magazine. I want to create the best content for it and share it with our niche hobby audience of readers. We just came out with our digital eMagazine which you can read for free! There are two stories in there by yours truly, one about a Porsche hypercar and the other a Ford Fiesta rallycross race car. I also shot the majority of the photos in it, too. We also wrapped up our upcoming October issue which hits newsstands and bookstores in juts a few weeks. Before that? It's mailed around the world to all of our subscribers. It's a truly a good-feels-chills moment, to hold the finished printed version in my own hands, it makes me so, so, grateful for this career I just started. And grateful for everyone who has supported me through it. The best people in life help you and ride with you through it all, they don't just give-up or disappear completely on you when you're working hard to grow into the best version of yourself. You know who else I'm grateful for? Maya Angelou. My journal is filled with her quotes and she was a insanely impressive writer. I'll leave you with this quote, it's one of my favorites by her. She's pure brilliance.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”