Tuesday, August 22, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 27

How was your Monday? Did you look up at the solar eclipse? Here in Wisconsin we had, well, a full sky of clouds and I didn't get a chance to see the spectacle above in its full mighty. Our publishing company houses an array of diverse, niche publications under one roof, including "Astronomy" and "Discover" magazines, that are both rich in all-things science and awesome. So of course we had to have fun at the office today to mark this rare phenomenon. How? After staring up, hoping for a glimpse at the eclipse, an ice cream truck showed up and parked out front our office entrance. Free ice cream! Yes! However I am super jealous of all you cool cats that got to see the eclipse without a lame obstruction. We're coming into the home stretch of these gratitude prompts with less than a handful to go. Continued thanks to the hundreds of people that keep looking at these gratitude posts, day after day. I hope it inspires you and strikes up some reflection. Let's get to the prompt.

Day 27: What Simple Gesture Are You Grateful For?

Today's prompt asks what simple gesture you're grateful for. This was neat subject to think about. Yeah I'm a big fan of the typical, solid 'handshake-lean-in-pat-on-the-back' gesture when you greet one another...but a good hug is easily one of the best things in the world

Hugs are powerful, very, very powerful. A few years back in 2015 at one of my friend's weddings, I gave a toast and talked for a minute or so about the true importance of a hug. So i found that 'speech' I had jotted down in my journal and pulled a few lines from it for this response.

Why do I love hugs? Because they're suited for any kind of situation or emotion that you're faced with. You could be astronomically happy and receive a hug out of congratulations, lost or worried and receive a hug out of reassurance, seeing a familiar face for the first time in ages and you're ecstatic, or sad and broken and receive a hug that gifts you that needed feeling of comfort and protection. You feel safe in the arms of someone who appreciates you. A hug can last for a few seconds or minutes on end, the length of a hug doesn't dictate its strength. You might be laughing when you hug each other, softly speaking of words of affirmation, or just allowing someone to cry on your shoulder quietly. I'm 27, and yes while I usually do feel and strive to exhibit a confident, strong character- there are times that I just really need hug. And when it happens, to me it's like this instant pick-me-up, feel better remedy. Regardless of the scenario. I'm never, ever ashamed or embarrassed to ask my best friends and family members for a hug and you shouldn't be either. In return, when asked by someone important for a hug, always answer back with open arms. That person asking you may inexplicably need it, and that is your chance to be their supporting, loving hero.

So yeah, go give somebody a hug today and when you do, thank them.