Friday, September 1, 2017

30 Days of Gratitude: Prompt 30

September is here and I'm incredibly happy it is. It's almost flannel weather.

Twenty days or so until the start of fall. Bring it on. What do you all have planed for the long holiday weekend? Apart from hanging out with the best people in the world, I'm looking forward to volunteering again up at my camp on Saturday teaching a group team building and how to rock climb. So today marks the last response in the '30 Days of Gratitude' writing challenge I've been doing. The previous post talks all about recognizing and being proud of your own self-worth, check it out. I wanted to another video for this final prompt because the five or so minutes below that you'll watch, is a chance to see me express an infinite amount of passion and excitement towards the thing I love to do the most- writing.Day 30: What Talent Are You Grateful For?
Enjoy the video, hopefully grab some inspiration from it and reflect on what talent you're most grateful for. Thanks so much for continuing to follow along with all of these gratitude posts, the amount and quality of responses I got from people reading my posts was incredible. After today it'll be back to more purely-travel and all-things outdoor adventure, including two upcoming posts about recent trips to some pretty stellar state parks in Wisco. And! Since page views have been rising every day, stay tuned for a complete revamp of the blog.

Cheers and have a great weekend,