Thursday, November 23, 2017

Staying Cozy With Klymit's Insulated Static V Sleeping Pad

When pulling together all of my gear for my recent backpacking trip in Colorado's Never Summer Wilderness, I realized that my simple summer weather sleeping pad wasn't going to cut it above treeline at 11,371 ft. I needed something that was more durable, warmer and had a much higher R-Value (the scale used to measure insulation in various outdoor gear products) than my current pad's 1.3.

The non-insulated Static V from Klymit that I blogged about a few years back, is a solid option for camping and backpacking in temperatures above 30 degrees (i.e. late spring, summer and early fall). But when those temperatures start to drop, the non-insulated Static V starts to loose it's air and you end up not getting the most sound night of sleep. I brought it on a winter backpacking trip this past March in Door County and well, I woke up on a completely deflated sleeping pad on the floor of my tent in conditions where the temperatures didn't get any warmer than probably 10 degrees. 

Thankfully Kylmit does make an insulated version of their Static V, and I scored one off of The Clymb for only....$42! Gosh I dig their website. So on to the pad, the first thing I noticed unboxing it was how much bigger the insulated pack, all rolled-up in its compression sack is. That's not a bad thing, as it was still smaller than my Nalgene bottle and plenty of compact to fit at the bottom of my backpacking pack. All that extra size? Its much-needed, much-loved insulation, some 3.1 more of it. Klymit's insulated version of the Static V has a whopping 4.4 R-Value. 

The pad blows up through a twist-pull valve at its end in about 10-15 big breaths and the valve locks securely so that you can fear not about air escaping in the middle of the night. It's made out of durable 75D polyester, like the non-insulated pad. When it's fully inflated, the pad measures about 6ft tall by 2ft wide and lifts you 2.5-inches off the ground. While it's bulkier than its non-insulated cousin, the Insulated Static V weighs only 25 oz.

Sleeping on the pad was a treat and honestly, during three-days in the Colorado backcountry in wintery conditions for some of it, I felt spoiled crawling into my tent at the end of the day. It's one of those pads I could lie down on and just let out a "Ahh," in relief. The pad has rails on either side of it which keeps you snug in the center and not flopping off onto your tent's floor. Even in negative temperatures, this pad stayed inflated to its max, keeping me high off the ground and more importantly, super warm thanks to its "Klymalite" stuffed insulation.

Since this sleeping pad is so comfortable, I may just bring it with me on every backcountry or camping trip I go on just so I'm guaranteed a perfect night's sleep. Go pick one of these up now, as soon as you can.


Price: $55