Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Where to Camp in Wisconsin for July 4, 2018?

This year the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday, but you can and should still take a mini vacation!

Since the  holiday is in the middle of the week rather than close proximity to a weekend, traveling might feel limited for those who can't escape the daily grind for too long or don't want to sacrifice a much treasured vacation day. Fear not as even a short, overnight trip somewhere tonight 7/3/18, and all day tomorrow, would be so worth it. 

I'm taking advantage of the 1.5 days off to celebrate the gloriousness of America in the great outdoors. Real talk, you know the bald eagles would be proud if you too, followed suit. My wagon is packed with camping gear and prepped food, because after work today I'll be heading up to Kohler-Andrae State Park to camp tonight, then spend the 4th of July exploring the state park's beaches, woods, and rolling sand dunes. I've also received a new delicious meal product from TrailFork called Paleoats, to cook and review on my blog, so stay tuned for that.

As of this morning on Reserve America, here's a list of Wisconsin state parks, forests, and recreation areas that have open sites for only tonight. One night stays, arriving today July 3 and leaving tomorrow July 4. All open campsites below are walk-up/first-come first-serve only. Click the property URL link, plug today's date in, and see the currently available sites.

Amnicon Falls State Park: 14 non-electric sites
Big Bay State Park: 2 electric sites 
Big Foot Beach State Park: 35 electric and non-electric
Black River State Forest: 83 non-electric
Blue Mound State Park: 40 electric and non-electric 
Brule River State Forest: 20 non-electric sites
Brunet Island State Park: 19 non-electric sites 
Buckhorn State Park: 73 electric and non-electric 
Copper Falls State Park: 8 electric and non-electric 
Council Grounds State Park: 20 electric and non-electric 
Flambeau River State Forest: 35 non-electric sites
Governor Dodge State Park: 120 electric, non-electric backpack, and non-electric 
Governor Knowles State Forest: 38 electric and non-electric 
Governor Thompson State Park: 78 electric and non-electric
Harrington Beach State Park: 7 electric, non-electric kayak, and non-electric 
Hartman Creek State Park: 23 electric and non-electric 
High Cliff State Park: 62 electric and non-electric
Interstate State Park: 44 electric and non-electric 
KMSF- Long Lake:  116 electric and non-electric
KMSF- Mauthe Lake: 41 electric and non-electric 
KMSF- Southern Unit: 154 electric and non-electric at Ottawa Lake, Whitewater and Pinewoods
Kohler-Andrae State Park: 4 electric and non-electric 
Lake Kegonsa State Park: 46 electric and non-electric 
Lake Wissota State Park: 49 electric and non-electric
Merrick State Park: 7 electric and non-electric
Mill Bluff State Park: 13 electric and non-electric
Mirror Lake State Park: 45 electric and non-electric
Nelson Dewey State Park: 32 electric and non-electric
New Glarus Woods State Park: 20 electric and non-electric
Newport State Park: 1 non-electric backpacking 
Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest- Clear Lake Area: 31 non-electric at Clear Lake, Indian Mounds, and non-electric remote boat-to sites
Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest- Crystal Lake Area: 76 non-electric at Big Lake, Firefly Lake, Musky Lake, Plum Lake, Sandy Beach, South Trout, and non-electric remote boat-to sites
Pattison State Park: 29 electric and non-electric
Peninsula State Park: 9 non-electric
Perrot State Park: 50 electric and non-electric
Peshtigo River State Forest: 16 non-electric and non-electric remote boat-to/backpacking sites
Pike Lake Unit-KMSF: 5 non-electric and backpacking sites
Point Beach State Forest: 9 electric, non-electric, and non-electric backpacking sites
Richard Bong State Recreation Area: 135 electric and non-electric
Roche-A-Cri State Park: 33 electric and non-electric
Rock Island State Park: 9 non-electric and non-electric remote sites (all sites are backpacking sites)
Rocky Arbor State Park: 61 electric and non-electric
Wildcat Mountain State Park: 38 non-electric, non-electric hike-to  
Willow River State Park: 67 electric and non-electric
Wyalusing State Park: 51 electric and non-electric
Yellowstone Lake State Park: 70 electric and non-electric

Tread lightly, be sustainable, and support our state park system.