Friday, November 9, 2018

Pausing to reflect on our first snowfall

Happy Friday, welcome to the glorious month of November and...the start of winter? The view out my apartment's bay window at 8 AM was nothing short of perfect.

Well Wisconsin received its first measurable snowfall last night, and after being in bed sick all day Thursday, waking up to a winter wonderland in Shorewood made me smile, pause, and reflect. I've always adored winter, as it's my favorite season of the year. It's a time where a thick blanket of fluffy snow covers everything and makes our surroundings much more beautiful, calm, and still. It's also the time to really get outdoors, even more than fall per say, as these colder months bring new adventures.  I can't wait for Saturdays and Sundays where I can sip a mug of hot coffee or cocoa, load up all of my gear, and head outside to to snowshoe for miles, ski, or winter camp.

Just because the temperatures drop and the daylight hours dwindle, doesn't mean you can't have fun in nature. I always try to fill my weekly planner with some kind of outdoor recreation fun because it gives me an end goal after a hectic, "trapped inside" five days on the grind. What am I most excited for the next few months? Snowshoeing through thick pines, road trips to the slopes with best friends and hours après-ski, writing away in my guidebook to all of the state parks, and winter camping. Oh I am so stoked to get to the trailhead in the single digits, hike out to a campsite, and pitch a tent in the snow. Don't knock it till you try it, folks, winter camping is the best kind of camping.

I think it's incredibly important to be mindful of this new season and all it brings, and make it a priority to practice self-care and partake in the activities you love. Winter can, yes, be gloomy. You drive into work at the early hours of sunrise and sit inside a blandish office till 4pm when it's already pitch black outside. Seasonal depression is no joke, therefore it's crucial to keep yourself happy, motivated, and feeling joyful until spring arrives. We have the holidays to look forward to, but for all that time in between, we have to seek the things that bring us joy to focus on.