Friday, November 23, 2018

I'm opting outside today

Thanksgiving was yesterday, today I sincerely hope you take time to opt outside.

The past few weeks we've all been bombarded with commercials and ads about flashy "Black Friday" sales, deals, and discounts. While lower numbers next to dollar signs and special financing offers might seem attractive, in reality, you can always buy these material possessions. I can't fathom or understand the rush from waiting hours in line, just to push your way through a crowd of desperate shoppers fighting to get into some store. This is America's problem with consumerism at its worst and kind of embarrassing if you think about it.

Instead of jumping into that rush of careless credit card swiping, yelling, and nervously throwing 50%-off televisions into your cart in a panic; strap on your hiking boots, find your nearest county, city, state or national park, and breathe in the fresh fall air as you explore your own backyard. We are so lucky to have this beautiful planet and public lands to recreate in. I'm heading to one of my favorite spots today, the picturesque Mequon Nature Preserve, to hike around for a few hours and enjoy the gifts nature provides for free: peace and stillness, wandering trails, a gallery of trees, and curious wildlife that want to be noticed.

So please, #OptOutside today. Yes, I know I have the handwriting of a child. I'm sure this morning's three cups of straight-black coffee made it even worse.