Saturday, June 15, 2019

My 10 Favorite Shots for National Nature Photography Day

Greetings and happy Saturday!

While sipping from a mug of hot coffee this morning I learned that June 15 every year is considered to be "World Nature Photography Day." This unofficial holiday is recognized by various groups like the National Wildlife Foundation, various state department of natural resources, and the National Park Service. There's even an entire organization called the North American Nature Photographers Association, a great resource for learning how to polish up your outdoor photography skills and see work from other public lands enthusiasts. They also have a pretty stellar blog you should be following.

Thankfully this year it so happens to fall on a Saturday, meaning that if your camera batteries are charged up, get outside and press down that shutter button. For me, a camera has always been one of the most quintessential, mandatory items to bring on an adventure. Whether it be an hour-long hike at sunset through the woods, a multi-day backpacking trip, or a morning paddle in my kayak on some desolate lake, I always have a camera. After nearly 12 years of snapping away with a Canon Rebel XT, I finally upgraded to a compact, mirrorless A6000 from Sony. While I miss some of the simplicity and flexibility of having the digital SLR, the Sony is a great addition to my cache of gear due to its size, battery life, video capability, and excellent image sensor.

To celebrate this year's National Nature Photography Day, I've gone through my collection of outdoor pictures taken during the past year and picked out my favorite ten shots. Enjoy!

Waking up on a foggy morning Nelson Dewey State Park, located on the western border of Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Moonrise over the Great Sand Dunes National Park's Sangre de Cristo range at alpenglow.
A toad buries away for warmth as fall rolls in to Rock Island State Park.
Dry walls of sediment tower upwards into a perfect blue sky at Badlands National Park.
Sunlight penetrates through the arbor giants of California's Portola Redwoods State Park.
Frozen temperatures and off-trail detours at Governor Dodge State Park.
Calm on the Kickapoo at Wildcat Mountain State Park.
The mesmerizing dunes of Great Sand Dunes National Park.
Waking up in to solitude in the Buffalo Gap National Grassland.
Bighorn sheep on alert as thunder booms over Badlands National Park.