The story behind my blog

Welcome to Robby Around the World, thanks for being here.

When I was twenty, I wanted to go study abroad in Vietnam. After obtaining a student visa and booking my flights across the Pacific, I started a blog. Being that the Vietnamese government restricted access to and censored several websites including Facebook, I used my blog as a medium to communicate with friends and family back home in the United States. But I also thought it was equally important to write about and share photos of my daily life in that incredible, fascinating country.

After graduating and a brief go in the corporate world, I hit the pause button and decided to spend a couple years in the outdoor recreation and environmental education field, teaching programming at various YMCAs including one in Colorado's Rocky Mountains near a tiny town called Granby. In the fall of 2014, I began blogging again, loaded up about all of my belongings, and followed my GPS west. My dad rode shotgun and on the way, we stopped at Badlands National Park. Standing atop the first overlook, I was humbled and moved by the scale of such a vast wilderness. I felt free. Those six months I lived and worked in Colorado was a pinnacle chapter that I credit into shaping much of who I am.

Ever since then I've been grateful to call Wisconsin home, and try to fill my calendar with trips near and far. In 2016 I landed in Keflavík, Iceland and hit the open road again for two weeks alone, exploring the most beautiful and striking place I've ever been. I fell in love with this tiny island stranded in the frigid North Atlantic. Once the sun set, I sheltered from the winds inside my tent or curled up in the back of an old Suzuki Jimny 4x4, blogging and posting pictures from the day's cultural observations and natural discoveries. I realized in those moments just how powerful, enjoyable, and beneficial passionate writing really can be.

The purpose of my travel blog is pretty simple: I want to creatively share stories from my adventures and hopefully inspire you to plans some too.