About Robby

I'm Robby and I like to write about the incredible places I travel to.

The goal of my blog is to get more people outside. I'm so glad you're here and hope you find some inspiration to explore this incredible planet we live on. The first real travel writing I did dates back to 2007, when I spent two-weeks in mountainous Yalpemech, Guatemala on a mission trip. I was seventeen, and every night in my tent, I sloppily wrote in a spiral journal by flashlight or candle. That trip got me hooked on traveling the world.

When I arrived at Loyola University Chicago, I found myself doing the same thing again on another mission trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico. Then in 2010, I figured out how to buy a URL and launched this blog right before leaving to study abroad Saigon, Vietnam for a semester. Since internet censorship in the country at the time was strictly monitored, Robby Around the World was the easiest way for me to keep in contact with friends and family back home. I used my blog to not only document my daily adventures, but to break the preconceived stereotypes and misconceptions people have about Vietnam. I wanted to shed some light on this often over-looked yet fascinating country.

Earning my degree in Advertising and Public Relations with a focus on journalism, I did a stint in the corporate world, then spent two years living out of my Saab station wagon, bouncing around the country working different seasonal jobs at state parks and YMCAs, teaching environmental education and outdoor recreation to kids, families and adults. 

After a recent lengthy time in this incredible, heavenly place called Iceland, I knew I needed to get back into writing full-time. By day I'm the Assistant Editor at a niche hobby magazine that covers all-things model and die-cast cars called Scale Auto. I freelance with bylines and photos for Hooniverse.com, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Friends of Wisconsin State Parks, Cars.com, and PickupTrucks.com, and ParksandPoints.com. A side passion project I'm also working on is authoring a guidebook to all of the state parks, forests, and recreation areas in Wisconsin that I'm looking to have published in few years. 


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