About Robby

I'm Robby and I like to write about the incredible places I travel to.

Greetings and welcome to my blog! I hope by spending a few minutes on here that you too, feel the powerful pull to head into our great outdoors.

Let's talk about the humble backstory and roots of Robby Around the World. This online traveloque was re-launched in the fall of 2014 after packing up nearly everything I own into a black Saab station wagon, and driving west to Colorado where I spent six months living and working at a YMCA just twenty minutes away from heavenly Rocky Mountain National Park.

The single most important purpose of my blog is to encourage, inspire, and teach you about the amazing places in nature we have access to explore here in Wisconsin, the United States, and bigger world. You'll find personal diary-like entries documenting adventures I take near and far, guides for spending a weekend in a state forest or national grassland, reviews of new outdoor gear that I've tested and know would be worth adding to your cache, reference posts with photos of the best campsites or planning logistics, and opinion pieces where I genuinely open up and get transparent about issues like public lands, being mindful, and practicing conservation.

Feel free to follow along and subscribe by clicking the box located a the top right corner of this page. If you're looking to connect, collaborate, or have a question, click on one of the icons at the bottom of this page to send me an email or reach out through one of my social channels. I'd be more than happy to chat!


Disclaimer: RobbyAroundtheWorld.com is not meant to be a blog filled with "influencer" type content, meaning I do not earn commission through any external links or sponsored purchases. All reviews found on this travel blog feature equipment that has been mailed to me by various outdoor gear manufacturers to test and then keep. If you read a praise for a certain type of new tent, backpacking meal, or car roof rack accessory, it's because I've reached directly out to the brand asking to review it since I think it's a worthy, important product I know could make your adventures, safer and more enjoyable, just like mine.