Monday, January 17, 2011

The buzz at night

Just a fun disclaimer, this is a fairly photo-heavy post. Last night after our first day of classes, we went out into Saigon to celebrate one of our Vietnamese roommate's birthdays. My Canon Rebel XT digital SLR tagged along to capture the evening life throughout the city. The buzzing around of motorbikes, honking of horns, and music blaring ever so subtly from the fronts of nearby shops. We piled into a taxi, got out at a temple, then walked to enjoy a glorious hot pot meal. Once dinner concluded, we spent hours walking around Saigon into the late night.

My fisheye lens came out to play, which definitely distorts things in an obscure manner. I did decide to leave my tripod at home but found a few sturdy ledges throughout the city to plop the camera down and try to capture some long exposure shots. These are a few shots of Vietnam, once the sun goes down. Tomorrow we head to the U.S. Consulate.