Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Adventure Mobile Turns 200!

For real though, I've always wanted to own a car and push it past the 200,000 mile mark. Now I have! A few days ago, the odometer on my 2005 Saab 9-2x wagon clicked to 200,000. Sadly, I was stuck in rush hour traffic crawling at a measly 5mph for an hour when the six-figures showed up. "Yes!" I yelled in excitement and patted my hand on the dashboard. This has easily been the best car I've ever owned and I was so happy to cross that milestone. Looking back at this post from almost two years ago, I've put close to 100k miles on the Saab since I drove it off the lot in March 2013....which if my embarrassingly bad lack of math comes out right, I drive between 25,000 to 30,000 miles a year. That's a lot of seat time. Thankfully the vast majority of those miles were racked up driving to various state and national parks, and transplanting me to-and-from Colorado three years back. To this day, I have yet to get stuck in snow, mud or dirt thanks to that unstoppable Subaru all-wheel-drive system. Oh the confidence-abiding drives through Colorado blizzards on treacherous passes named Rabbit Ears, Berthoud and Independence.

I've slept in the back of the adventure mobile on trips out west, hauled kayaks and mountain bikes across Wisco and strapped skis on top its roof rack. It's helped me and many of my best friends move between apartments, packed to the gills. And its turned boring, dry commutes into quicker dashes of excitement behind the wheel. Oh- all at the same time while getting anywhere from 25mpg all the way up to 33mpg. Win. It's also taught me the ways and steps needed to keep your daily-driving machine running as flawlessly as possible. Surface rust removal and painting, oil changes, rear differential fluid changes (good gosh that crap smells horrid), replacement heated seat wiring, stereos, transmission fluid flushes and of course, the stupid task of removing the entire front bumper...just to replace a burnt-out headlight. Twice at $90 a piece. But this goes to show...if you take care of something you buy and are responsible for, it will last.

Sure, it still literally runs and drives like a new car which I am so very grateful for...but like all things, the Saabaru is starting to show its wear and tear as it continues to age. I've got a burnt-out fog lamp that I for the life of me cannot get unhooked. The keyfob on my remote doesn't work anymore. Its temperature gauge occasionally does a tap dance up into the red when I'm sitting at idle or in traffic...please don't overheat on me, Saab. And my trunk lid opens well, maybe 1 out of every fifty times I try to pull the handle. What's the point of a wagon if you can't use the hatch area? So frustrating. I guess I'll have to fold down the seats, and crawl into the trunk to pull apart the entire carpet  trimming and work on my back with all sorts of screwdrivers and clamps for a few hours in a desperate attempt to un-jam the locking mechanism....grrr. Again.

But hey, let's focus on the triumphant 200,000 mile achievement, and press for another 100,000. You can do it Saab, goooooo!