Sunday, February 4, 2018

Always Look Down

38,000 feet up and in pure awestruck (these two photos I posted on my Instagram will show you why). Yesterday I had an excellent, addicting new book that I probably should have been reading, but I was too mesmerized by the polarizing views over my right shoulder. I could not stop smiling. I kept looking down and thinking to myself, "There's nothing out there, not a single person or man-made thing. Just raw, wild land that stretches far to the horizon."
Curious, I lifted myself up out of my seat a bit, to see how many other people on this 737 were also following suit, but what I saw sadden me truthfully. Aisle after aisle had their shades pulled closed, were sleeping, staring at some glowing screen on a tablet, phone or computer, scribbling away at a Sudoku puzzle, or flipping through pages of today's paper. I couldn't help but slightly shake my head in disbelief, because we had first-class views of this beautiful world right outside our windows, and it was being ignored. I wish others shared my same appreciation and admiration.

Surrounding one's self in nature is so important because it's the best way to fill and brighten our hearts, minds and souls. I've always preached that when you're outdoors, you feel this power and you become connected. You live the now, this wonderful present moment. Sure, I was seat belt-buckled inside an airplane, but gosh I felt in-tune with what I saw down below. 

Everything you just read up above I actually wrote on my drink napkins during the flight and was eager to type-up at breakfast today. Good morning from Santa Clara, California, where it's a welcoming 70 degrees and the $25 breakfast buffet in front of me is glorious.