Tuesday, September 25, 2018

I'm Writing a Book!

Greetings and hello! If you haven't caught on from a few subtle mentions in recent blog posts...I'm writing a book! Yep, I'm following a bucket list item I've always wanted to cross-off and accomplish: write and publish my own book. The idea for this passion project I'd like to call it, comes in two-stages. Months ago after a quiet Sunday trip to New Glarus Woods State Park, I finally pulled the trigger and decided to dive into writing a comprehensive guidebook to all of Wisconsin's state parks, forests, and recreation areas. The goal? Create a resource that helps and encourages people to get outside and explore all of our state park properties. 

This guidebook (with a few titles and cover designs already in mind), will be filled with information to help you plan the perfect and best trip to a state park property. For the next few years, I'll be loading up my beloved station wagon and visiting each and every state park property in Wisconsin. According to the Wisconsin DNR, there are currently 78 parks, forests, and recreation areas. As of today, I've been to 39 of them! Each time I travel to a state park, whether it be a new-to-me property or one I'm returning to, I hike all of the trails with a notepad, jotting down thoughts and observations; talk with DNR staff to learn more about the property and what it has to offer; walk through the campgrounds determining what the best and worst campsites are; snap memory card after memory card's worth of photos to use for both reference in later writing and for the book; and pay attention to any other local attractions nearby that are worth checking out, for example, Potosi Brewing Company's close proximity to Nelson Dewey State Park.

I'm hoping to have the book fully written, edited, and put together to be published by the time I'm 30 (so in about two years). If it takes a bit longer? No worries on my end because I want this book to be fantastic. 

There's a philanthropy side of this passion project too A portion of each book sold, will also go towards the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks, a non-profit that works tirelessly to make our state parks better, and better, and better through donations to park improvement projects, events, and funding for naturalist activities all can enjoy. 

The long term dream? Once the book goes on sale, I plan to use any income I earn from it to start my own non-profit that gets kids from the inner city of Milwaukee into our state park systems and explore nature. Some kids, and people, never have the opportunity to strap on a pair of hiking boots and hike through a forest, and that, I want to change.

Thanks for continuing to support my travel blog on here and stay tuned for updates about the book! I've already written almost half of it and it's going to be wonderful. And a special thanks to those who have reached out to help me with this passion project, whether it be through copy-editing, graphic design, or monetary support. I appreciate all of you!

Cheers and love,