Wednesday, May 1, 2019

It's time to check in

Greetings and welcome to May!

So it's clearly been a hot minute since I've blogged. But after a solid morning community meditation that steered me towards reflecting and focusing on gratitude, I've found some inspiration to get back at it with a little update. Going forth I'm aiming to be more transparent, more vulnerable, and create more space for conversation on here. This is a blog, after all.

Blowing away the dust, I last blogged about reaching the 100,000 pageview mark on here which was an achievement I took a lot of pride in, but then life got busy. Very, very, busy. As the month of March rolled in, my freelance load grew and at the same time, I left my old job to begin an exciting new career as an analyst in a field I've always had the upmost passion for: the automotive industry. I'm a little over a month into this new position and I already love it fully. Between starting that new job, traveling for it, and getting into the swing of things, it felt as if time until April 30 flew by without a blink.

Combine that with Wisconsin's unforgivingly ever-changing weather (one day it's 60 degrees and sunny, 48 hours later there's two inches of snow on the ground and 20), plus being sick with a sinus infection for close to three weeks... needless to say I'm glad our fifth month of the year is finally here.

But things are slowing down to a happy pace and there's a list of good intentions (both for my blog and personal growth) I have to focus on as 2019 pushes forward. So let's talk about two of them.

One thing I've realized in the recent flood of gray, dreary days it the importance of dedicating time to create. When we create, we use the brightest and most exciting parts of our mind and soul to make something spectacular. Having a new work-from-home office setup and laptop, and more down time during the week when I'm not clocked-in since I'm no longer commuting an obnoxious amount of hours, I'm striving to spend a portion of each day creating. It could be through blog posts on here, both travel related and not, via the lens of my new camera, playing my saxophone which I desperately need to do, or quick scribbles in a journal next to my bedside. The word "create" is a main mantra I'm trying to make a priority. We all possess the power to create. You should be doing it too.

Be Present
Look around you. Use all of your senses, pause, and notice everything. The sounds, the smells, the temperature, the thoughts. Getting in the cloud of busyness with routines, activities, booked-up schedules, hobbies, 9-5 jobs, we tend to lose focus on where we are. I'm continuing to slow down when I can and admire the littlest things in life that bring joy to me. Phones suck, they're the absolute worst and we're all addicted to them. Rather than keep myself glued to the screen in moments of lull, I've been ignoring my phone and just kept present in that moment. For example, at the doctor's office the other week I was waiting 30 minutes for a prescription to be filled, and rather than gaze at the tiny text on my phone, I just kept quiet and looked around at the commotion in the lobby, the people coming in, the views outside the windows. I read an actual print magazine. When was the last time you did that? Whenever I get home or begin my workday from the comfort of my desk three feet form my kitchen, I leave my phone plugged in to the charger atop my book case and rarely look at it. Sure, I'll miss a text message or whatever is happening on social media at that instance, but honestly it feels so good. Eliminate screen time in the evening before and resume after breakfast the next morning. Trust me. Another way to be present? Get outdoors and my goodness I'm very ready to do more of that. I did a ten mile hike along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail through Wisconsin's Kettle Moraine State Forest- Loew Lake Unit weeks ago and it was blissful beyond words.

Stay tuned, I'm so excited to bring you a lot more content on this blog.