Friday, May 10, 2019

My May and June 2019 Solo Camping Plans

Greetings to you and happy Friday!  

Before jumping into a list of places I'm lusting to camp at this May and June, let's start this off with a striking (but in a good, way I think) quote from one of my favorite writers and naturalists: Edward Abbey. I discovered Abbey after reading his book Desert Solitaire, which documents his time in Utah's Arches National Park.

"A civilization which destroys what little remains of the wild, the spare, the original, is cutting itself off from its origins and betraying the principle of civilization itself." 

This is an important message to process, know, and carry with us as we enter into nature, leaving no trace.

When's the last time you were on your own in the great outdoors? If you've never planned a solo camping, hiking, or backpacking adventure, you should really try to. Sure, it may sound intimidating, scary, or even boring, but being alone in nature for an extended duration is truly a wonderful experience. You'll connect with not only yourself, but your full surroundings. It's an easy, perfect, proven way to just slow down and be present. Be present under the pines as you prepare breakfast, be present on a hike at sunset, be present in your tent at night illuminated by a glowing headlamp. You're in full control and you're entirely responsible for yourself. It's one of my favorite things to do, and I hope you also give it a go and feel the same.

Speaking of which, with my new job on the roll, I just found out my allotment of vacation days for 2019. What does that mean for me? Solo Trip planning! In my ongoing quest to travel to every single state park, forest, and recreation area in Wisconsin, I've reserved a few weekends this next month for exploration.

  • Lake Kegonsa State Park Only a quick drive west towards Madison, this is a new-to-me state park property that shares the shoreline along a calm 3,029 acre lake which means my kayak will be tagging along for the first paddle of the year.
  • Brunet Island State Park There's something very intriguing about this park, which after all the research I've done, makes me convinced it's one of those special, stunning places that showcases Wisconsin's best landscapes. Plus, the campsites look absolutely heavenly.
  • Blue Mound State Park I came hiking here briefly this past summer and grew a large appreciation for this under-the-radar park. There's so, so, so much to do here and I can't wait to drive out Friday night after work and spend an entire weekend exploring more of what Blue Mound has to offer.

Additionally, my girlfriend and I have a stellar campsite booked up at Potawatomi State Park for four days over Memorial Day weekend. We're both so excited to call that Door County state park home for a while. 

What are your camping plans for May and June?